Ways With Water Pty. Ltd

Water Budgets

Evaluation of water sources, storage capacities and predicted water usage.
We work both in conjunction with golf course architects at the design stage of new projects and formulating water management strategies for existing sites.

System Designs

  • Irrigation Layout Plans
  • Control Wiring Plans
  • Pump Station Plans
  • Specifications
  • Installation Details

Tender Documentation

  • Provide all necessary documentation to call competitive bids.

Tender Evaluation

  • Evaluate tenders and prepare report of recommendation.
Ways With Water Pty. Ltd

System Staking

  • Set out locations of sprinklers, pipe work, controllers etc..,


  • Approval of equipment Monitor installation processes.

Contract Administration

  • Monitor the installation; control all administrative & reporting processes on behalf of the client.
Ways With Water Pty. Ltd

  • Evaluate equipment condition.
  • Evaluate system design
  • Evaluate all operational aspects of system.
  • Evaluate the club's Water Management Plan.
  • Evaluate existing maintenance procedures.
  • Prepare report of condition & remedial actions required.
Ways With Water Pty. Ltd

Map Course Features

  • Provide an accurate plan for new system design or any future works.

As Built information

  • Accurate documentation of new irrigation system.

Course Renovations

Keep accurate records of changes over time. Mowing Patterns. Keep accurate information of all surfaces for accurate dispensing of fertilizers, pesticides & herbicides.

Course plans

Software Interface

  • Production of graphical interface in Irrigation Central Control software.